New York Post: Why America’s kids need to learn from the Founders via ‘classical schooling’

By Kevin Roberts and Ryan Walters | New York Post

The numbers are in: Parents are fed up with failing government-run schools.

From 2012 to 2022, the share of American children not attending government-run schools rose from 9% to 13%.

That’s roughly 2 million students opting into charter schools, homeschooling or other school options. 

For advocates of education freedom, this sea change comes as no surprise.

The steady wave of school-choice policies enacted throughout the United States in recent years created more options for students, and the eye-opening revelations that came along with COVID school lockdowns encouraged parents to take advantage of them.  

This same dynamic sparked the development of new types of education, including the resurrection of an old and forgotten approach that made America great — and possible — in the first place: classical schooling. 

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